Director: Eleanore Yameogo
Country: Burkina Faso / France
Year: 2011
Language: French
Runtime: 67 minutes
Cast: Arzumane Cissokho, Djibril Diaby, Ambroise Shaba, Amoro Traoré

November 7
Documentary Competition

    Paris My Paradise / Paris mon Paradis

Eléonore Yameogo represents the new generation of filmmakers. Her documentary Paris My Paradise (Paris mon paradis) follows the life of young Burkinabes living in France. The film speaks about the phenomenon of Africans in Paris, but of course the situation exists in all regions of the world.

Yaméogo depicts the harsh living conditions of African immigrants in Europe. In particular, it is very rare to hear Africans talk about their ‘hell’ so openly.

"Head full of dreams but eyes see something very different, reality is ruthless."