Director: Laurence Attali
Country: Senegal / France
Year: 2003
Language: French
Runtime: 35 minutes
Cast: Cheikh Lô, Maylis Guiard-Schmid, Oumou Sy


November 7
Location Africa

    The Unshod Man / Le Déchaussé

Shot in exquisite color that underscores the characters' dynamic vibrancy, The Unshod Man depicts the romantic tension between a Senegalese band leader named Booz (played by musician Cheik Lo) and his widowed Israeli sister-in-law, Esther, who demands that he fulfills his obligation to his brother and marry her.

Part of Attali's Trilogy of Love, The Unshod Man explores a mystical link between Judaic and Senegalese traditions, but ultimately leaves the film open to the viewer's imagination.

"Love, family and music tell the story of our lives."