Artistic Director

June Givanni

June Givanni – is a film curator, archivist and international consultant in African and African diaspora cinema, leading in this sector for more than 30 years.  She worked with the British Film Institute where she ran the African and Caribbean Film Unit, and published the Black Film Bulletin and the book Symbolic Narratives/African Cinema;  the Toronto International Film Festival, where she programmed ‘Planet  Africa’; and as an expert in the field generally. 

She has worked with film development schemes in the UK; and in production in the UK and abroad. 
She is an advisor on Focus Features ‘Africa First’ shorts programme; and works with numerous international film festivals and juries, including the AMAA film awards and the AFRIFF film festival, Nigeria; the International Film Festival of Kerala, India; MOMI New York; Africa In The Picture Amsterdam; Colours of the Nile Film Festival, Addis Abeba.

June is currently developing an archive based on collections from her 3 decades working in this field.