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Short Profile

The Ethiopian Filmmakers Association (EFIMA) is a professional association of filmmakers with the prime objective of developing and expanding the film art and industry in Ethiopia. At the time of its establishment in April 1, 1993 at the Ambassador Theater, EFIMA had 27 founding members, who were employees of the Ethiopian Film Corporation - the only public enterprise of the nascent cinema industry at the time.

As an association EFIMA has been undertaking various activities in collaboration with local and foreign organizations and partners in order to realize its goals. Such collaborations among others have enabled EFIMA to facilitate various trainings and opportunities for its members at different occasions. In addition to this, EFIMA  has co-organized various film festivals that took place in the past decade in Ethiopia such as the  Addis International Film Festival and the European Film Festival and the upcoming Colors of the Nile International Film Festival as a principal partner.

EFIMA has aspired to expand its horizon by reaching out to other similar African associations. This dream was realized when EFIMA became a national association member of Pan African Federation of Filmmakers (PANAFRICAINE DES CINEASTES/FEPACI) at its 5th Congress in 1993 in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. At this congress, the Constitution and Statutes of FEPACI was adopted and Ato Solomon Bekele, a founding member and representative of EFIMA, was elected as Regional Secretary of Eastern Areas (Africa). Two years after joining the federation, EFIMA co-organized the 25th anniversary of the FEPACI in Addis Ababa. In short, EFIMA has benefited from this short lived relation and has maintained its commitment to the federation until 6th Congress (1997).  

EFIMA is an independent legal entity registered by Agency for Charitable and Societies of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.  Having 150 members that represent over five different regions in the country, EFIMA remains to be a pioneer association with a wider reach of filmmakers in Ethiopia. EFIMA also has been working to further expand its membership by approaching Ethiopian filmmakers residing both in and outside Ethiopia. Membership is open to all engaged in filmmaking.

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